The Inner Leader

God has created you to be. 

it is always a struggle to balance everything in life

who we work with


On the outside you’re full of life, expressive, upbeat attitude, and positivity. However, on the inside, you have this feeling that major areas of your life aren’t good enough.


A longing to share their life with another person, to fall in love fast and hard. Loving to shower their flame with affection, trust, devotion, and passion that they feel are real.

Free Spirited

You love people and value both relationships and friendships. You’re sensitive to  others feelings and expectations.

The Purpose Through Pain

Podcast centers on personal stories that offer life lessons on topics like rejection, grief, anxiety, and trauma


Meet Joseph James

Joseph James is a former U.S. Marine and Law Enforcement veteran, business owner, father, motivational speaker and life coach. Joseph has spoken in many venues across the nation and has helped thousands of people understand their purpose in life. He is coaching people that have gone through life’s struggles, pain and trauma to help them not just find their purpose through pain but teach them to take their pain and launch them into their destiny.